Welcome to Vallabh Sevashram

Vallabh Sevashram is a non-profit organization working for the under previledged families since 1949.

The bright students of under privileged families have always problem of affordability of higher education expenses. Moreover, the people who are conscious about the quality of life worried for their children when staying away from home.

Vallabh Sevashram tries to help to solve such problems at the cerain extent for the students of under priviledged families who gets admission in V.V. Nagar campus by running a ashram type hostel.

The hostel is named " Vallabh Sevashram", which is based on simple living, value based activities and financial aid to needy students.The Ashram is spread in 5 acres of land includes a hudge banyan tree- a symbol of anciant gurukul. The Ashram is run by the council of volunteer-trustees, mainly are it's alumni.

It is located at a world famous educational town Vallabh Vidyanagar (V.V.Nagar), district Anand, in Gujarat State , which provides higher education in almost every kind of disciplines through the modern developed institutes. (For details about V. V. Nagar visit Charutar Vidya Mandal and Sardar Patel University )