"People should not graduate without having an understanding of the average living conditions of the poor" - Bill Gates (spoke to students at Stanford University on Feb 19, 2008)
Our activities
  • Compulsory 40 hours Shram in a year plus monthly one hour Shibir
  • 10 minutes Sarva Dhrma Prayer followed by 30 minutes Yoga and Meditation
  • Provision of self cooking (Swayam Paki) rooms
  • Self managed, Self served, Student Mess. The subsidized cost – only Rs. 5000 per anum
  • Continuous 24 hour Rector’s parental watch and guidance
  • Scholarships and other financial aids to needy students
  • Conducting free classes of English, General Knowledge and Reasoning by expert honorary Professors for interview and Public Service Examinations.
  • Conducting free classes of Computer Training.
  • Leadership Training through the assigned works in library, computer center, mess
  • Evening plays such as vollyball, cricket in Ashram's big playground .
  • Purushottam Guruji Yoga Center. We invite yoga experts who stays in the ashram and teach Yoga and way of living to Ashram students. In last two years Dr Manda Rao and Prof. Malkaniji were invited from USA.
  • Celebrating Guru Purnima, Independence Day, Republic Day and Foundation Day. The foundation day ( January 30) is celebrated also as alumni day on the nearest sunday of January 30. In USA, the alumni meet with their families once in a year.