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Guruji had constructed the residential rooms with the help of the then students using mud, bricks, and disposed windows and doors without any planning. These rooms were in dilapidated form. All trustees felt concerned and dreamed to reconstruct the buildings and to reform the ashram as per the need of the present time without affecting the value based principles laid down by Guruji.

1999 was the Golden Jubilee Year of the Ashram. Trustees planned the project so that in the Golden Jubilee year Ashram be in new form. They decided to take help of the past students for this noble cause. They contacted and appealed the past students of the ashram , who are now in good positions there. With the kind help and leaderships of Jayant Zalavadia, Pravin Sheladia, P V Patel, P T Patel, Kanjibhai Patel, Dr Paresh Patel, R D Patel and Manubhai Patel, and support of world famous NGO Share and Care Foundation, New Jersey, the necessary fund for the reform project collected and dream became reality as per the plan.