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How We Help to Needy Students

Ashram does not get any grant from Government/ private organizations. To meet the expenses of electric / utility bills and other maintenance expenses, the total expenses of a year are shared through fees. The needy student has to show his financial need by a separate form. Ashram has a separate aid fund and certain sources - individuals and organizations to which it recommends.

Bright students are recommended to Foundation for Excellence (FFE).

Charutar Vidya Mandal helps the first class students of the Ashram giving concession in college fees and cash aids to poor and needy students from poor boys funds

We have a 'Adopt-A-Student Program'. After taking admission and staying for a term or so, a student is found needy, sincere in his study and disciplined he is adopted for his study expence purpose by our past student or a well wisher and his lodging & boarding (and some time other) expenses are bared by the sponsor till he completes his study.

Some deserving and good at study students are recommended for financial assistance to some Trusts.

Beside this Ashram runs a small Students'’ Fund from which a student can get a small amount loan for short period of time. Over and above Ashram helps the students to get part time jobs