Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Ashram a teaching institute?
A. No. It is only a residential hostel. However, yoga classes, computer classes, career development classes and lectures by eminent persons are arranged for the Ashram students

Q. Who gets admission in the Ashram?
A. A student who has got admission in a college at Vallabh Vidyangar/Anand, whose family income is low, who is serious about his study and who is ready to participate in all the value based activities of the Ashram.

Q. Is it a cast based or a religion based hostel?
A. No. A student of any cast, any religion and from any region be admitted.

Q. Do have I restrictions in Ashram?
A. You have to participate in all value based activities and you have to follow all the rules of discipline. Failing this, you may be asked to leave the Ashram. At the time of admission you will be given a written list of the rules along with the application form. By the way, we do not take any application form fees.

Q. Do have I to pay any fees for Ashram?
A. Yes. Initially you have to pay all the fees for lodging and boarding ( Approximately Rs.7000 for entire year- which includes subsidized mess fees). Later you have to show the financial need by a separate form.

Q. I can't afford the fees for Ashram, does Ashram help me?
A. Yes. If you can justify your condition then you may be given concession or even totally free depending on your financial condition. You may be assigned some Ashram work such as help in administration, in library, or in mess.

Q. I am a very bright student and got admission in engineering college, but my family can not afford my expenses for the study including college fees and I may have to give up my study. Can Ashram help me?
A. Yes. If you have bright academic record opted a study which is not available in your area of living and you justify your financial position, then we may help you.

Q. During my study, if I need money for my study purpose, do I get help from Ashram?
A. Yes. You may get small amout of loan for short period of time.

Q. I am from very poor family and studying in another city. Can Ashram give me financial aid?
A. No. We provide all the help to only a student residing in Vallabh Sevashram. Even a student studying in V V Nagar, but does not prefer to stay in Ashram is not eligible for any help from Ashram. However, if you satisfy all the criteria of FFE, then we may recommend you through the complete procedure of specified application forms to FFE.