"Some of the greatest innovations in our space have come from student minds. Yahoo, Micro-soft, Google, Dell - at the time these companies were conceived, their founders were students."
Alumni Association

Since 1949, thousands of students have taken advantage of Ashram and they are well settled in their life in the country as well as in USA, UK and other foreign countries as engineers, doctors and businessmen.

The students who studied staying in Ashram and prospered have said one fact proudly that they would have got University degree and prosperity by staying outside, but, they might not have got, perhaps, prosperity of personal life.

It is, perhaps, an unique case that the Ashram is run by its alumni administratively as well as financially. Recent total reform of the Ashram is done with the financial help of alumni.

Vallabh Sevashram has its strong Alumni Association. Membership fee is Rs 1000 .The alumni from all over the world meet on the last sunday of January every year and celebrate Ashram's foundation day January 30 and the alumni day. The association has chapters in USA. Alumni with family meet every year at one place and discuss about the progress and need of the Ashram. Recently they met at Pravinbhai and Chandrikaben Sheladia's residence, Beltsville, MD 20705 on June 7,2008, Saturday.Last year they met at Dr. Paresh and Usha Patel’s house at 25 Carriage Court, on Saturday, May 19, 2007. Previous to that at Newport News, Virginia at P T Patel (Rambhai) and Harinaxiben's house on September 18 and 19, 2006. In September 2005 the meeting was held in New Jersey at Kanjibhai and Arundhatiben Patel's house.

Association has prepared complete directories for Indian Alumni and US Alumni.

Association publishes an annual News Letter SEVA.

All alumni are requested to be member of the association